Studio Apartment 2018

14.07.2018 – Move-in Day

I know this has been the longest that I have been away, and I don’t want to make any excuses, although, school has gotten the best of me and it is really hard trying to balance out all of my school work while also spending time on my hobbies. There are many changes in my life that I haven’t been able to fully cope with, however, there is one thing that has changed in my life that I’m grateful for. After months and months of contacting agents, searching for the perfect place, somewhere closer to my school; the time has come, and I finally got my own studio apartment!

It’s definitely a mixture of a lot of feelings when I moved into this place, I felt lonely yet excited for a new experience in life. I’m kind of all-over-the-place phase in my life both mentally and emotionally, so bear with me you guys. I will talk about it more, once I have overcome and ready for it. But anyway, I don’t want to get all emotional and feelings into this post since it is not the purpose of this; I just want to share the home décor with you.

This is my entryway, of course, I need to have some decor to spice up the empty wall. So, I decorated it with a hanging shelf. I balanced a fake plant, my initial, a reminder quote and lastly, my Nintendo Switch games with Mario Amibo.

I placed my shoe rack in the entrance as well, alongside with a wall mirror just so I can check out my outfits or whatnot before I leave. I found this pink wall clock that I hung up as well so I won’t be late! And also my favorites purses that I tend to use are hung beside it so, I can just grab as I leave. 

Ignore my Kirks drink, if you don’t what Kirks are, it is a passionfruit soda and ever since I’ve discovered it, I’m hooked to this drink! 

This is my desk area, where I usually complete my assignments, watching k-drama (hehehe), edit some videos and maybe play some games. 

I like to keep this place as minimal as possible, so I’m in a clear state of mind while working. Also, I have a lot of quotes around my house, just to keep me grounded and keep me going. 

On the way above my desk are some memorable flight tickets and some cute Tumblr pics. 

Underneath this desk is a little compatible drawer where I keep all of my gaming accessories (shhhhhh) only my Steelseries Arctic 5 headphone (my favorite gaming headset is out). 

This is pretty much my random/everything-I-need shelf. I have my makeup products, skin care, and hair products on the first shelf. And right underneath are cubes where I keep all of my random bits and pieces that I might need. I think have these cubes like this really help to organize my space a lot before I won’t have random things laying around the house. I can just toss them inside there, so, a) I won’t lose them and b) everything is nice and organize. And, besides the shelf is a FEW of my book collection that I brought with me from home. I just bring my most favorites book with me, although, I barely find time to read nowsaday. 


This is my bed. Look at Potato (if you have read my first room decor post you might have already seen her), but she’s here again. My wall decor sticker is from YesStyle and the little hanging feather thingy is from Kmart. My bedsheet is from the kid section in Target but I love the baby pink and blue tye dye style so much <3 

This might have a lot of messy things inside, but I think this is the shelf that keeps my life together. Ahahah.


That is it from me today guys. I’m sorry, I’m in such a weird place in my life right now. So, I do apologize that I’m not able to deliver much to you, but I’m hoping to be emotionally stable and be able to overcome all the pain right now. But, as if for right now, thank you so much.

Lots of love,


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