Things I love about Fall

Fall is here, or the Australians call it ‘Autumn’, either way, it’s the season where the morning air is crisp, the trench coat is back in style and hot chocolate feels great underneath my cold fingers. I have a love-hate relationship with fall because as you may already know, summer will forever have my heart and I could go on and on about the lists of things that I love for summer. But, of course, there are a few things that I absolutely adore about this season as well.

  1. The new leaves color

It is very beautiful to see nature does its magic, from a fresh green color to a deep orange then, to the blossoming season again. I remember going for a walk with my boyfriend and the leaves were in a deep orange pile, it couldn’t feel any more like fall.

  1. Warm drinks

Iced coffee, smoothies, and Slurpees is my thing, but now that the season has got colder. A nice warm cup of hot chocolate, coffee or just tea is the perfect start to my morning.

  1. Trench coat & Boots

Don’t even get me started on fall’s fashion, I love trench coats! I think it adds a really great touch to every outfit, giving it a very classic and chic touch. It’s also a season to break out my favorite boots.fc868cb2-9b76-4335-80b6-d25d13c227b9008f8d6e-befa-4c2b-b43e-8a5b57934fc6

  1. Cozy nights

This is probably something that I look forward to the most; is coming back home from a long day for a cozy night in. Those warm fuzzy socks, a good book or sometimes I just binge watch some of my favorite TV series and of course, a cup of tea. Isn’t that just perfect? I’m an introvert so, it probably doesn’t sound as exciting for extroverts out there, but I’m my introvert pals will understand.

  1. Chilly evenings strolls

I enjoy walking, because, it’s kind of my way of sneaking in a bit of cardio into my day. We all know how lazy I am to actually workout, but at the same time, I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I would occasionally go on an evening stroll to just clear my head and sneak in a bit of workout as well, sometimes, I’ll also go on a beach walk because that’s the perks of living in Australia. It feels incredible with crispy fresh air and the fallen nature view.acs_0022

Those are a few things that I enjoy about this fall season, I think I will continue this little seasonal series. Although, I’m a little bit disappointed that Australia season doesn’t match with special holidays like Halloween and Christmas, which is kind of sad. But, anyways, I will most likely be binge-watching my favorite Christmas movie in June (it is Winter in Australia). Haha

Feel free to leave a comment telling me a few of your favorite things about fall!

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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