March Favorites 2018

It has been ages since I’ve done a favorites post. Time has just flown by me, with school assignments and exams, everything is just a blur now. It a lot harder than I thought it would be to balance school and also time for myself (aka just sitting in my room and spend time writing). I’ve collected a few things that I’ve been using on a daily basis and has been obsessed with.

Let’s just start off with the holy grail concealer that I’m so in love with. This is the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle concealer, this works like a charm. I would not leave the house without dabbing this on, it instantly makes me look more awake. I’m not blessed with brightening under eyes, therefore, this is my favorite go-to to use every single day before I get out of the house. I don’t use foundation on a daily basis, so this is what I used to cover up my dark circles and any imperfection. It works like a charm, also it does not get patchy throughout the day, which is something that most concealers struggle to achieve. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this online, and now I can see why so many bloggers are obsessed with this product.

If you’ve read my skincare routine post (you can read it here), you’ll know that I have used the Simple moisturizer on a daily basis for quite a while longer. Recently, my mum introduces me to this brand, Avene, I think it’s pretty life changing once, I’ve started using it. It is very gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling super smooth after applying it overnight. Also, it is for normal to combination sensitive skin, so for those of you with sensitive skin, it should not be a problem. It is very lightly scented (you almost couldn’t smell it), I do find it a little bit overwhelming if a product is heavily scented. It is defiantly a product that I’m going back to restock this once, I’ve finished. It’s a little bit pricier than my normal drugstore skincare products, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve also recently discovered that they also do have tint moisturizer (which is perfect for someone like me, that just need some coverage while keeping things natural).

This Versace perfume is my favorite perfume to spritz on before I leave out the door. I forgot what the name is called (or if there’s even a name) because it’s not written on the bottle and I’ve thrown away the outside packaging already. Nevertheless, I’ve been using this none stop for the past months. I’ve had this for a pretty long time, but I’ve never got around to using it. However, I wish I used it sooner because I’m a massive fan of it now. I really like the light scent of it, not too floral, not too masculine, just right on a daily basis. I personally, love a fruity scent or a floral scent, but it could be a little bit heavy for daytime wear. Although, it is very sophisticated and sexy for a night out or something like that. This is in between and is a mixture of everything pretty much, in a good way, of course. I’m so bad at describing the scent, but I would highly recommend this to those of you who are interested in trying out a new perfume. Not all of us have the same kind of taste, but you can give it a sniff in store if you’d like.

Like I mentioned, I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis. I like my everyday makeup to be light and fresh with enough coverage to make me look awake. A glowing face is what I’ve been obsessed with at the moment, and this is why I’ve started using the strobing liquid illuminating highlighter by Maybeline. Yes, you can tell by now that I’m a fan of Maybeline makeup line, especially their mascara of course. The highlighter isn’t too intense or anything, it just gives your face a natural glowing lift. It is in a liquid form; it is perfect if you’ll just want to mix it in with your moisturizer to just give your face a glow. It is something that I usually do, or just put a few drops concentrating it on your cheekbones for the fancy highlights. I also really like the packaging of this as well, it’s sleek and compact that makes it easy to travel with it.

I know this might be random but this is the wallet that I’ve been using and obsessed with (I know I say that word a lot but my vocabulary seems to be very limited at the moment haha). I’ve been on the hunt for this card wallet for so long and I’m glad that I found one by Colette. Usually, they are just black and boring, however, this one is baby pink and so cute! I find normal wallet takes up so much space inside my handbag, plus, I spend the majority of my money on card anyways, so there really is no point to getting a massive purse when I’m just going to use a few cards anyways.

It was the last one in store as well, so I knew it was a sign! Ahahah.

Lastly, look how cute is this new makeup bag I got! My cousin sent this to me and it makes me so happy, haha. I remember that I used to be so obsessed with Pink Panther through my teenage year. It is so cute, and I love the little quote at the back as well! Not only that, but this bag fits all of my makeup essentials inside. It is easy to just throw it into my purse and do my makeup on the go, but also, able to bring every product with me.

I know this is a very short list of favorites, but like I said, I’ve been super busy with school and it’s just hectic. Plus, I also got a part-time job, which just makes my schedule so full. Nevertheless, I will try my best to keep you guys updated and post as much as can. Thank you for your patience and support! <3

Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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