March Playlists 2018


Summer is right around the corner for most of you while, here in Australia, I’m dreading that its winter haha. However, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite song that I’ve listened during my summertime since I’ve done a few in the past (you can read it here ). You know that summer is my favorite time of the year, just thinking about all those road trips, beach days, the sun and just everything about the summer excites me.

1.Wait – Martin Jensen

I am obsessed with this song, the moment I heard it on Spotify. It’s just the perfect song for summer, it also the perfect song to dance to. I’m in love with the beats and everything about it.

Link to listen here

2. Solo Dance – Martin Jensen

If you couldn’t already tell Martin Jensen grew on me, I’m obsessed with his music. This is also a great song to dance to or on a car ride.

Link to listen here

3. Never be the same – Camilla Cabello 

I’ve listened to this since her album came out. Apart from Havanna (which was a huge hit and I’m sure you’ve all heard it). I love the lyrics to this song as well.

Link to listen here

4. Capital Letters – Hailee Steinfeld 

I think I’ve mentioned this in my last playlist post that Hailee Steinfeld is one of my favorite artists. So, it’s natural for me to love her new single haha. This is a song from Fifty Shade Freed (which, I haven’t seen yet but, I know that it’s going to be good).

Link to listen here

5. Do Right – Glades

This is a good song for summer as well, I love that it is so upbeat and fun!

Link to listen here

6. Only one – Carlie Hanson 

I wish she would be a big hit one day, but at the same time, I wish that I could just keep her to myself as my little treasure that I found. I love the lyrics to this song, I love her voice and I love the beat in it as well; I love everything about this song, basically.

Link to listen here

7. Sorry – Kina Grannis 

She is such an incredible artist with such an amazing voice, I mean, her voice is really soothing and calm. I love listening to her music, especially before going to bed. This song has a really nice meaning to it and it’s just perfection ~

Link to listen here

8. Rewrite the stars – Zac Efron & Zendeya 

This is a song from “The Greatest Showman” which, came out around Christmas last year, I guess. I’m not sure but, it’s a big hit when it released and I can see why. I’m in love with this song and I have been listening to it on repeat for weeks already. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out. Big time!

Link to listen here

I think this is pretty much what I’ve been obsessed with and I hope you enjoyed! Give me feedback in the comment down below or if you have any song recommendations for me to listen 😉

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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