Everything you need to know about contact lens

These two selfies were from the first day of wearing contact lens, I don’t know where to post it. So, here it is. Ahahha

Not all of us is blessed with the 20/20 vision, and I’m one of them. I’m short-sighted and I have been wearing glasses since I was around 12 years old. Ever since then, I’m very conscious of myself with glasses. So, knowing about contact lens make me really consider it for a very long time but, I’ve never been brave enough to give it try. Now finally, I collected my guts and book an appointment to get my contacts (also, I’d like to consider it a makeover for myself to college).


To be honest, it is the best decision I’ve made. I’m in love with contact lens and how it has really boost up my confidence. But, of course, it comes with a price, literally. I’ll compare to the pros and cons for you guys out there who are also considering switching to contact lens, I hope this will help you out in some way.


  • I feel a lot more confident without my glasses.
  • I wear makeup on a daily basis. So, with glasses, it smudges and creases my nose with the makeup (not cute). Also, with the contact lens, I am able to reveal my eyes more, with eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc.
  • Doesn’t have to worry about smudging my glasses lens.
  • Doesn’t feel like having an extra accessory on my face.
  • I could wear sunglasses with a different style and fun lens without having to worry about my current glasses. It’s just such a big fuss trying to balance out my vision trying to get some shade. I know that you are able to get the prescription sunglasses, but what’s the fun with sunglasses if you can only wear one style?


  • It is a lot pricier than glasses. You could splurge a bit more on glasses (for the brand name or a specific style frame) but it could last you up to years, while contact lens you will have to constantly change the lens (dailies or monthlies) and also the cases (every 3 months), as well. So, adding it up yearly, it could be a little bit costly compare to glasses that you will spend only once and get a good used.
  • Extra care. I’m not going into details with contact lens care because, it could be on a whole new blog post but, just bear in mind that you really need to put a lot of care into your lenses, and especially because it is going directly onto your eyeballs. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to risk any infections for your eyes.
  • It could be slightly uncomfortable for the first few days, but don’t worry, your eyes will get used to it.
  • Long nails are not really an option, because lenses are pretty fragile, not to mention how hard it will be to put in the lenses with long fingernails. So, bye bye acrylics/extension nails.

Overall, I’ll just say that contact lens isn’t as great as your bare eyes with perfect vision but, it’s the closest thing that you could experience (without glasses, when you need one. If you know what I mean). I personally, love contact lens and I wouldn’t want to switch back to glasses unless I’m lounging around in my home watching Netflix all day.

Let me know if this helped you guys, also share your experience with contact lenses down below, so we can all learn from each other.

Lots of Love,


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