Things Every Young Adult Should Know

I know I have been MIA for a couple weeks. I have been pretty busy with college, trying to get my assignments done by the deadline and there’s an assessment coming up next week, so I’ve been pretty busy lately. Also, because I’ve been pretty busy that didn’t give me the time to go out and shoot some outfits post that I was planning to do. No worries guys, it will get better soon. I will try my best to produce the best contents for you guys and continue to shoot amazing photos for this blog as well.

Frankston Beach, Australia 

I’ve noticed that the majority of my readers are either around my age or younger. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should if you haven’t, @kimstacey_) haha, shameless promo. I mentioned about starting a new series for my blog, it will be mostly girls talk and advice type of post. So, we can all share out thoughts and experiences together! I did one about high school advices (link here) and a lot of you guys seem to really enjoy it. Yeah, I would love to continue it and share them with you.

When you turn eighteen, there is going to be a lot of changes in your life. College, moving out, new friends (possibly boyfriend too) then, after college you’ll get a job and have your own home, get married, etc. like how most life goes. And, you can’t avoid that whether you want it or not. Just some people decided to make it much more interesting with great adventures and wanderlust.

I’m still pretty new to this whole young adult life too, I didn’t know ‘small talk’ was even a thing. Since, my mum usually does the talking while I stand there smiling and nodding. It basically, when two people or more, who doesn’t seem to know each other, try to talks about a random topic during a certain situation, whether it’s a professional events or just a casual family dinner.  I never knew I had to call to random professional people to book an appointment about my dental health.

Nevertheless, it something that I can’t avoid but face and deal with it. These are some advices that I’ve learned and wanted to share with you, whether you’re a grown adult who’ve got your snizzle together or someone who barely got it together or almost there. I hope you can relate or find this helpful.

  • Have responsibilties

I think most of us got this and most of us are excited for this as a grown up. You can get to do anything that you want without having to ask permission from you parents. But, that also comes with responsibility. By the term independent, doesn’t only mean doing whatever your heart desire, it’s doing them with full responsibility.

  • Do your own laundry

This is also an act of independency. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learn to do my own laundry since I was thirteen. So, living by myself isn’t a problem.

  • Learn to survive

It’s nice to order some take outs or going out for lunch with your friends, but you can’t do that every single day without breaking your budget (which is now a thing since, you’re working now). Save some money and cook for yourself. If you don’t already know, get a recipe book, watch some videos and there are also apps for those.

  • Time management

I talked a little about time management on my previous post, but it is something that’s very important you should know. You’re on your own now, your mum isn’t going to remind you from down stair that you’re late for class or it’s time to eat. It’s about time to plan your day efficiently and be on time.

  • Self- discipline

Alongside with time management, you should also have self-discipline. It is just as important for you to control yourself and not just waste your day away.

  • Planner is your best friend

I mentioned about planning and being more productive on my previous blog (you can read it here). Having a planner, whether it’s an actually book or on your phone, will be a game changer if you have a hard time keeping track with your school and/or work. You can see when the deadline or important days is. Try to keep one and you’ll see how great it is.

  • Cleaning Schedule

I do not like dusting, washing or vacuuming. But, guess I can’t run away from it, can I? I’ll only collect more dirt the longer I keep it. If you have a busy day, try scheduling them (on your planner). Break them into section day by day. You don’t have to do all the chores in one day. You can do the laundry on the weekends, take out the trash on Friday, dusk your room on Sunday, etc. Do little chores every day to keep a clean living space.

  • Netflix is an award

Words couldn’t possibly explain how great it is when you can just relax, with all your work/assignments done and watch your favorite show.

  • Mistakes are lessons

This is something that we all have and we all learn from.

  • We all don’t know what we’re doing

If you feel like you’re alone in this, I’ve got you. We’re all in the same phase in life and we all understand. So, don’t worry if you’ve just embarrassed yourself in front of your class or got parking tickets. We’ve all been there.

Most importantly, enjoy your youth! I’m defiantly trying to live mine to the fullest!

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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