Random Favorites #1

I know it has been a week or so since, I last posted however, I felt like it has been months. I have been pretty busy with school. Don’t even get me started! Just the transportation time towards the city alone, takes me up to 2 hours! I had to wake up so early to make it (barely) in time and once, I’m home it is already late in the evening. I do apologise for my absence, nevertheless, I’m still trying my best to keeping you guys updated and have new post every week.

A few days before school start, I treated myself and went shopping. I’ve got quite a couple of random things and feel in love using them.

The Body Shop Coconut Lotion Cream, I think I’m in love with The Body Shop now. I love how much they incorporate natural ingredients into their products. There are tea tree, green tea, English rose and it goes on. I picked out the coconut one, because I am a massive fan of coconut oil (I used it to condition my hair and moisturise). The lotion is very light and easy to apply without any sticky residue left behind, it just sink in my skin really well, which is exactly what I look for in a body moisturiser. I also love the fragrance from the coconut lotion, because I’m fully aware with other products that contain coconut are heavily fragrance and overly sweetness that made me feel a bit sick.

The Body Shop exfoliating gloves, I got this the same day as getting the body lotion. I’m such a sucker for exfoliating my body and face. Washing them everyday doesn’t clean them well enough, so exfoliating is pretty essential as well, especially removing all those dead skin cells. I like to deep clean maybe once or twice a week. I would prefer this over an exfoliating loofa, because the glove will fit your hand perfectly that will help you scrub with better control.

There’s actually a better deal at Target, which I regret not knowing it sooner.

Cotton On Wild Berries Candle, I’ve been on the look out for candles for quiet a while already. This  time I decided to break free from my Bath and Body Works obsession (although, I feel like I need to go there again ASAP) and give Cotton On candle a try. It was on sale with a really great deal, so why not? 

It has a really settle light scent in my room when I light it. It is great, because it wouldn’t give me a heavy scent that might give me headache. However, from my past experience with candles. It also gives out scent even when it’s not lit. But, for this one it doesn’t give out any scent at all. What can I say, it’s a scented candle that was meant to be lit. Hahaha This is just something that I noticed.

So, you might already know that I moved. I’m currently moved into my aunt’s spare guest room, it’s not a huge room probably 1/4 of my room back home. However, I’ll have to make it work somehow before I get myself an apartment. This is a bag hook thing (I have no idea what it’s called). It’s really convenient for both travelling and in my small living space. I could hang my hair accessories, some makeup products and other random things right on my door. And, I could also convert it into packing my travel essentials in them, since it will fold into a bag. I got it on sale at Cotton On as well.

I think I’ve talked a lot about planning and being organised, you can read it (The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Life). So, it’s pretty obvious that my next random favorite is a cute planner. This is Winnie the Pooh themed, yes, I’m a massive Disney fan.! I had to get my hands on them as soon as I laid my eyes on it. It has huge space for me to fill in my task and due dates that will help me a lot with my assignments and projects.

These are my current random favorites, leave a comment with your current favorites!

Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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