College Goals 2018


My new bedroom

I’m attending college in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Monash College (then, University). This is a post following up with my previous post, you can read it here if you haven’t read it yet.

I remember when I was day dreaming about moving and felt that it was so far away and now I’m moving; it feels like a blink of an eye! Living in a new country is definitely a learning process, like how the car is drive on the other side of the road and how they call supermarket instead of groceries store and they call pharmacies instead of drugstore. Especially, the socket plug is so weird. None of my electrical cables are able to plug in the socket here! The list could go on and on. But, as I’m already out here; I want to have the full experience of a college student as well as making great memories in this country.

I’ve set some goals for myself to do during these few years in this magnificent country and make the most awesome memories that I can. I absolutely love the beach; I’ve dreamt all my life to live near one. And, imagine this whole country is surrounded by beaches, how awesome is that! I can’t wait to sit by the shore and watch the sunset every day.

1. Continue blogging

This is one of my main goal during my college, I will try my best to keep up with this blog. Because, you know how much dedication I bring into this blog. I want it to be my personal place on this digital world to share my experience, advice, favorites… and I want it to be a platform where we all can relate and share.

2. Get a job

I know I mentioned this in a blog post, that I would love to convert blogging into my career. I absolutely love being a blogger, I love being able to create contents, share and grow with you. But, as a college student and my blog is continuing to grow. I’d love to give other job a try, either as a part-time retailer or a freelance write.

3. Visit every State/City

I chose to live in Melbourne because I have family who live out here, I think it will make me feel closer to home if I’m with my relatives who I grew up with and one of the best school in Australia is here as well. However, I’m planning to visit other city too. The first city that I want to go see first is definitely Queensland. I’ve heard so much about the gold coast. I would love to go and see for myself. Then of course, other city like Darwin, Perth, Sydney (even though, I’ve already been there on my last trip to Australia). I would love to go to Bondi beach and the great reef barrier

4. Visit New Zealand

Because New Zealand is close to Australia, I would also love to fly there during a break from school. New Zealand is well known for their nature beauty, and I’m super excited.

5. Get on a helicopter

I don’t know if there is any company that will fly us for an over view of the sea. But, if there is, let me know. I would love to give it a try. I have no doubt that it will be a breathtaking view.

6. Amusement Park

There’s Disneyland, Six Flag, Universal Studio, those are the few amusement park that I know, but I don’t know any specific one in Australia. Nevertheless, I want to go to one. I’m such a sucker for rollercoaster, it’s pathetic. I have huge fear of height, so going to amusement park and going on ride is defiantly out of my comfort zone.

7. Go to the Zoo

Koala and kangaroo are the symbol animal of Australia. Even though, I’ve fed a kangaroo before on my last trip and I’ve pet a Koala. But, I would still love to go to the zoo, since there are still many other exotic animals that I would love to see. For some reason, the Australian zoo gave me a very authentic feel. So weird, I know.

8. Find my favorite café and (vegetarian) restaurant

My boyfriend and I plan on going to different restaurants every weekends. We’ll get a map of the city and cross out each places that we’ve eaten. I think it’s a great idea and we would love to try out as much as we can.

9. Road Trip

I’ve been pinning this all over Pinterest, about the road trips. I would to go on one with my friends and family.

10. Stay in touch with my surroundings

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this, but I really do mean it when I say I want to stay close with nature and be outdoors more often. The internet has taken so much time from me; cooped up inside my room is a natural thing for me to do. I could say I’m an introvert, or I just have no excuse to go out. If it’s a walk to the grocery store or a hike on a mountain nearby, I just want to find something that will get me to be outdoors more often and keep in touch with the beautiful surroundings rather than just scrolling through my phone.

11. Keep up with school

Although, I want to have time to socialize and have fun; doing good in school is still my top priority. It’s the whole purpose for going to college; to get a higher education. After, all the effort, the least I could do is take advantage of it and do the best that I can.


Of course, this is the whole point of going to college in the first place. I don’t know how life will go, but I want to make it through.

These are my life of college goals, of course there’s more things that will make the greatest memories, enjoying the little things is also just as important.

Don’t worry, I’ll always keep you update with all of my experience, because I will most likely document it either on my blog or I will film it.

Watch my moving day vlog, here

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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