Moving Day

If you have been following me along for a while; I am sure that you may already know that I’ll be moving soon. And, the big day is finally here! I’ve moved to Melbourne, Australia mainly for my university education. However, now that I’m here; I fell in love with city and I wish I could just stay here forever. Hahaha

I’ve already planned it for months although, It all felt pretty quickly to me. It is so surreal that I’m leaving in a completely different continent from my home country. It sounds pretty crazy and it definitely feels crazy to me. However, on the bright side there is a brand new adventure awaits for me to experience. I am going to make the best out of it!

I’ve toured around the city during the weekends and visited a few tourist attractions; obviously I’ve took a few snaps to share them with you.

I’ve also filmed a moving vlog; so that should be up soon. There are also a few other places that I’ve visited but, I’ve only filmed it but haven’t took a photo of it.

Thank you to all of my readers that have been following me along on my blog, because I know that there’s a pretty crazy journey ahead. And, I’m glad to be able to share it with you all. I’m so grateful for all of your support that I’m able to write and document my journey with you all.

This is a short post because I will be doing a lot more posts about my college experience and things like that. So, stay tune 😉

Watch my vlog, here


Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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