My 6 Favorite Editing Apps for Instagram

In this days and age, Instagram had officially became a huge trending thing that the majority of us follows. I’m definitely guilty for this one, however I’m trying to cut back from it as much as I possibly can. Despite the fact that what I do is literally on the internet so, it is incredibly hard not to spend much time online. Nevertheless, as a former Instagram obsessed; I thought it will be fun to share some of my favorite apps that I like to use for my photos and I highly recommend it to you, my fellow readers.


If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you will know that EVERYONE uses this app. It will be strange if I didn’t include it in my favorite apps. And, I can see why it gains popularity. There are a bunch of filters that you can use to get the aesthetic pleasing feed/photo. The tools are very easy and adjustable to your own personal taste. If you want to go all out for some unique filters, you can easily purchase them for a certain amount of price.

2- Pixlr

Here is another app that I like to use for a unique touch, I personally love the doodle tool and the overlay effects (light leaks, brokeh, streaks, lens flare….) It is very personalize. There are different tools such as, the brightening, darken, contrast, the basic tools that you will get in most editing apps.

3- Bestie

This is a very cute app, I love the stickers. I like to play around with my photos and add some cute touches to it with these adorable stickers. They’ve got some filters and the basic editing tools as well. Of course, there are some beauty tools that you can use to adjust your selfies, remove some blemish, which can come quite in handy as well; especially, if you want to look flawless in every picture!

4- Facetune

You’ve probably already heard about this app as well if you’re on the internet long enough. Most people with minimalistic theme tend to use this to brighten up their backgrounds, or at least that’s what I’ve used it for. But, it’s call Facetune for a reason. There are a bunch of beauty tools that you can use to adjust. From teeth whitening, eyes brightening to a slim nose, Facetune got it all. It’s like Photoshop for your phone.

5- InShot

This is what I’ve used to edit some short Instagram videos for my story. It’s got perfect tools for video editing, which is extremely easy and made editing like a piece of cake. I also love it for it’s great video effect, it gives a very Tumblr and aesthetic vibes to my videos. Good news, if you don’t have a video to edit, you can still use those effects for your photos! How cool is that! I personally love the RGB effect, it’s like all over Tumblr at one point and the Glitch as well. It looks really cool when added onto a video, but still looks just as cool for photos too!

The downside to this app, is you will have to purchase in order for the watermark to be removed. It is worth it, if you create videos frequently.

6- Canva

This was an app I’ve used when I had a photography Instagram page. It have so many different templates for you to use to create a cool text photos. The options are endless! And it’s very easy to use and customize as well. Not only that it is used for Instagram, you can also use the template for your Facebook banners, Twitter headers, etc. I like to use it on my computer (yes, there’s a website) to edit create some cool designs.

I’ve tried a bunch of apps that was recommend to me but, these are a few that are my favorite ones to use for Instagram. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you’ve tried the app or if you’ve already used it!

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey


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