The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Life

New Year is here, and I’m sure some of us are looking for a change with a clean fresh start. It’s time to let go of the past and do things that make you happy, it will drastically improves your lifestyle in so many ways.

I’ve decided to touch based on organization. As a student, I know how hard it is to keep my life together! It is a total nightmare to get caught up with deadlines, bills and errands. When I was young, I always thought being an adult is just full of freedom and fun. In contrast, there are so many different responsibility that I need to take that wasn’t taught in school; being a grown up is so much more than going out without having to ask for permission from my parents.

If you haven’t got your shnizzle together yet, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

1. Planner

I can’t explain to you how important it is to keep a planner; it has saved my messy bum so many times. If you’re still in school like me, keep your entire assignments deadline on your planner. It will be a great reminder for you; so, you won’t have to pull an all-nighter to finish an essay that you’ve completely forgotten.

This doesn’t only imply for college students, you can also note down important dates for an errands, meetings or to plan out your month. It could be the Calender app on your phone or if you’re a visual person like me, who likes to write everything down in a notebook. Whatever floats your boat!

2. Make a list

Following up with your planner, it is also very important to keep a To-Do list for each day, by writing down the most important task that you need to accomplish towards the least. Whether, you need to go grocery shopping today or mail something back, write it all down and cross it as you go.

3. Don’t Multi-task

I’m one of those people who thought multi-tasking is getting works done faster. But, like it or not, not all of us can achieve those perfection that we’d hope for when multi-tasking (unless you’re a genius with amazing brain functions, be proud of that!). Multi-tasking actually slows down your performance leading to an inadequate result. Sure, listening to classical music while, solving your math problems might actually help improve the speed of solving. But, trying to finish an essay writing while, watching a movie, won’t help much. Or, switching between browser researching for a global warming effects on Earth and finishing an economics chart report might also actually not help. Instead of crunching in two works into one time, try to work efficiently on one task then, work on the other next. It is also important to do your work a few weeks ahead of the deadline, so you can take your time perfecting your work in a slow pace.

4. Organize your bills

Bills don’t go away no matter how hard you try to deal with it, so instead of ignoring it and letting it pile up. You might as well, want to start sorting it all out now before you have to start swimming among the piles of paper.

Get yourself a huge folder (with sections) and separate different bills in its individual label sections, so you won’t have to fish around to find them anymore.

5. Take advantage of your weekends

Yes, I know that it’s the weekend and we all can “finally” get some free time and enjoy ourselves. This is something that I completely understand, but between those time slots of cooking your favorite meal and spending time doing your hobby. It will be great if you could sneak in a little bit of time to get caught up from the things that you might have missed during the week. Like a subject that you don’t quite understand or you want to speed up things a bit to be ahead; this is a great opportunity to do so. However, if you’re all caught up, you can plan out your agenda, like grocery lists, note down expiration dates from your pantries, meal prep, little bits and bobs that you might’ve missed.

6. Meal Prep

This is something I’ve struggled with, I don’t know what else to make and I kept eating to same meal for a week. So, be smart and switch up your meals to get enough energy that you need. Like I’ve mentioned, this is a great task to do on the weekends, you can search online for some meal prep ideas (I’m sure there are tons, Pinterest is where I usually search for mine) and go grocery shopping for the week with all the ingredient that you will need. Store each meal in labeled Tupperware for each day then, just store it in your fridge; ready to be cooked for the rest of the week! It will save your a ton of time during your day, stressing out what to eat and then end up get take outs (not only it is unhealthy, it will cost you more), or if you’re like me, end up eating the same meal over and over again. I’ve had the same fried veggies with rice, at least three days of the week.

7. Routine

I’m sure routine sounds boring to some of you, thinking it’s not fun and adventurous with nothing less to do but follow the same thing. Little do you know having a routine really keeps your day together. The way you start and end your day sums up the things you’ve accomplished for the day. Morning or night routines are very important; especially if you’re trying to keep your life together. Set yourself a schedule to follow, what to do once you’re home. Cook yourself dinner, finish your assignments, read some pages that’s required then you can enjoy watching your TV show, read a book you want to read or do whatever your heart desire. I’m not saying routine have to be strict and uptight, just have a guideline for how your busy weekdays should be like and take your time when you’re free, such as weekends and holidays.

8. Clear out

Go through your kitchen pantry, closet, bathroom, bedroom, etc. once in a while, to sort things out that have been piling up over the week.  Create a schedule like this for your household according to your own personal schedule. Break things down for each day, there is no need to rush to finish everything in one day. Take an hour from your evening to clean and by the end of the week you’ll have a clutter-free and dirt-free place.

9. Everything in its own place

I’m sure we all know there are these makeup storage compartments that are sold in Target and Amazon; it is meant keep all your makeup organized. You can create the same concept with everything else; you can sort out your shoes according to style and separate them in each selves or compartment. Space out your closet with seasonal clothing, or what I do is color code them.  Get a basket for all your cables, a box for all your school supplies, CDs in their own little tray and the list could go on and on. Simply go on Pinterest and search for organizing DIY or tips and you will be shown to so many different options. Have everything in place, not only it’s pleasure for the eye but, it is also very essential if you need to find anything.

I think that concludes everything, like I said, don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the hang of it, you will soon improve!

I hope this helps.

Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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