My 2017 Favorites

It is December, it is a fun and festive holiday season but, it also means that it’s the last month of the year. This year really flew by me, so many changes and crazy things have happened. Nevertheless, I still can’t wait to see what does the New Year brings me.

This will be a recap for all of the beauty products that I’ve loved during 2017.

Note: It’s going to be an incredibly long post, so grab a snack and a drink before we begin. 

  1. Skincare

I already did a post about it so, I will just link it here. I’m still obsessed and using all the products, nothing has changed.

2. Body Care

Most of these stuffs are more summer appropriate nevertheless; I loved them all year round.


Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen Ultra Radiance, I just randomly picked this out from Target, because I needed a body sunscreen and I end up loving it so much. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ll be spending hours in the sun or sunbathing. The SPF is quite low, I’m afraid it won’t give you enough protection. It’s better worked as a daily basis sun protection for your body. However, what I love most about this product is the glowing and radiance effect. Oh my, this is like a highlighter for your body. I was literally glistering in the sun like I’ve showered in glitter; it’s not overly dramatic but just enough to give your skin a healthy glow. And, it smells like coconut which, is like the best reminder for summer.

I just apply it on my freshly shaved legs before I go out, and watch me glow. Highly recommend it if you want to feel like a Victoria’s Secrets model on the runaway during the summer.


Personal Care Shea Butter Skin Lotion, I used this almost every day to moisturize my body. It is just as important to moisturize your body as it is for your face. Make sure you keep those dry places (elbows, knees, hands, arms and legs) moisturized especially, during the winter time. I will always apply it after I shaved, from all the exfoliating and shaving, my skin does get dried up and easily irritated. It has a more liquid consistency which helps with the absorbency into my skin.


Speaking of keeping your body moisturizes, another one of my favorite body care is A Thousand Wishes Ultra Shea Body Cream by Bath & Body Works. First off, Bath and Body Works always have the best stuff. I love their soap, hand cream, body butter, body mist, hand sanitizers, etc. They always have the good stuff, especially seasonal products. I’m obsessed with most of their products so, it’s not a surprise that I’m in love with this one too. The scent is just as magical as it sounds; it’s very floral and light, also, very appropriate for the festive season. This body cream has a smooth but thick consistency, which helps a lot with the application. It does leave a bit of sticky residue for a few of minutes due to the thickness of the cream but, it leaves really great after scent once it’s fully absorbed, so it totally made up for it. It says its 24 hours moisture, I don’t have one of professional skin moisturize tester to test it out however, I do know that the scent really does last for quite a long time.


Since, I’ve mentioned how much I love Bath & Body Works products; it’s no surprise that I have some of my favorite body mist. If I have to be completely honest with you, body mists are never really my forté. I do prefer to splurge a bit more on a quality perfume. But, as for the summer with all the water and sweats that I’m bound to come across. I don’t feel bothered with those expensive Eau De Toilette, plus with the plastic bottles I could easily just throw it in my bag.

Endless Weekend, I love the name, the scent, the color and the packaging of it. Just from a glance at it, it screams summer. The packaging reminds me of one of those cute elastic hair ties that could be also being worn on your wrist as accessories. The scent is fresh and coconut-y. Just like the summer. It has enough freshness that reminds me of the beach, but also enough sweetness that reminds me of the coconut water. It’s the perfect combination, and I’ve worn it almost all year round.


Pink Chiffon, I’m planning to try this in a body cream form. But, unlike Endless Weekend, Pink Chiffon represents the spring season. The packaging already speaks for itself; it’s sweet, feminine and floral. It is perfect for a night out, dinner date or just a casual spring day.

3. Makeup

I’m a drugstore makeup kind of girl, don’t get me wrong I love high ends products as well, but sometimes it’s just way too overpriced.

I’m all about the lashes; I’m planning to get an eyelash extension done because, I love the length and the volume it could give that my natural lashes won’t be able to do. That was a bit off the topic, but I love those thick and lengthening lashes which, is how I found a few of my favorite drugstore mascara.

DSCN7337Maybeline has been very well known in their mascaras; I’ve heard so many great reviews about it before I even start using it. And, I think it does live up to its name. Maybeline Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara is one of my favorite. It gives great length and volume, enough for the fluttery look. However, I’m a bit disappointed with the waterproof formulae; I do get smudges underneath my eyes during the day.

Next waterproof mascara by Maybeline is The Falsie; it’s my second tube already. The wand of the mascara is curved which, hugs to the base of your lashes really well that could easily give the volume look. The brush itself is extremely gentle and comfortable for the eye area. You can almost skip using false lashes on a daily basis. Then again, I’m not really too sure with the waterproof formulae since, the humidity of the weather could easy smudges it.

Full Lash Bloom by Cover girl, this gives perfect lengthening to your lashes. It would be perfect if you love a more soft and natural look. The only downside about this mascara is probably the brush. It has a plastic wand, which could feel a bit uncomfortable will using it. Nevertheless, it is a great mascara overall.


Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, matte liquid lipstick in the shade 11 So Hap’pink. This is my first ever matte liquid lipstick; I thought I’d give it a try seeing what the fuss is all about. And, to my surprise I really love it. It has a very creamy texture that really helps with the application; it glides over your lips like butter. With the texture and pigment, a little really does go a long way. It dries pretty fast later on, leaving no stain or sticky residue. I am aware that most matte lipstick can be over drying of the lip, but I’m glad that this liquid lipstick doesn’t do that. It is very highly pigmented, which made me wish that I’d pick a nude color, because what you see inside this tube will be exactly on your lips and I’m not much of a bold lip person. However, the 24 hour long lasting reassurance doesn’t really quite work for me. It could easily be wiped off with eating. But, overall it is a really great liquid lipstick.

Speaking of lips, I also do love wearing glosses for a more youthful and fun look. I don’t wear it daily, but from time to time for an event, parties, weddings, I do change it up a little with a swipe or two of lip gloss. My favorite lip gloss of all time is by Chanel in the shade 116. It’s a really light pink color with enough shine to gives your lips looking more plum. I would normally wear it on its own, but if I’m feeling a little bit bold, then I would add a pink lipstick underneath for a pop of color. Either way, it is very pretty!


I’m not much of an eye shadow girl but this is my favorite palette from Revlon Not Just Nudes, it’s really great for every day wear. From light, nude colors to dark smoky look that could be used for the evening look as well. It’s kind of like a day to night palette, which is awesome!


LA Spice Girl Blush Collection, what I love most about this is how it carries everything in one, from 2 blushes, bronzer and highlighter. It is perfect for travelling, because I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. The pigment for this product is amazing, although, I wish the highlighter is more shimmered.


My T zone area gets oily during the day, so it is important for me to carry around some blotting sheets with me. This is what I’ve been using, the packaging is adorable and it blots everything away without disturbing my makeup!


4. Books

I also already did a book list recommend, you can check it out here.

That concludes all of my favorites from this year. I hope you enjoyed this kind of longer post and I will be sure to do another one next year with all the products that I will be trying.

5. Hair care

My favorite hair care products I’ve used throughout the year here

Lots of love,

Kim Stacey

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