Holiday Gift Guides 2017

Photography by Viktor Hanacek with a 500mm lens

Photograph by Viktor Hanacek

It’s November or should I say it’s the month that Christmas decoration is coming in with some festive music playing in the background. I’m so ready for the holiday spirit! As much as I love the summer; the chilly weather that made me snuggle in my chucky sweater, lighting some of my favorite holiday candles and sip on a cinnamon tea while binge watching Christmas movies, it is just as good and as perfect as it sounds.

During this time of year, I will most likely already start my Christmas shopping. I know it can be pretty frustrating as you’re trying to think of something new to give to your family and friends, unless there’s something specific that they might want you to get then, of course it makes the whole brainstorming for gifts much easier, but if you have no clue what to get them; I’ve compiled them into a list in my notebook, so I might as well share it to help give you some ideas for your Christmas shopping.

  • Sweater

This is one of the classic gift ideas and I don’t think that it should stop. Everybody loves a good cozy sweater that will keep them warm and in style!

  • Personalize Mug

This is pretty unique, I’m sure there are online stores that will give you this service. It is very personal to the person that you’re giving it to. You can have an inside joke printed on it or a nickname that you call them. To give it even more value, you can DIY it as well. It will be a sentimental object and you’re sure that it’s one in a million.

  • Cute Socks

I don’t think you’ll every go wrong with cute pair of socks. It could be worn all year round, either if they have a habit of sleeping with their socks on, during the cold seasons or even with some sneakers!

  • A mini pamper set

This is my favorite thing to get for my younger cousins. I always like to buy cute little girly bits, such as lip balm, nail polishes, hair ties, ribbons, cute pins, nail clipper, etc. Then, I’ll just packet them all in cute little baggies and tie it with a pink ribbon. Usually, I’ll theme everything up according to their favorite colors. The girls absolutely love them! They get so excited whenever they unwrapped them, seeing all those adorable things. This is a great gift idea if you have a younger sister, cousins or your daughters even!

  • Nintendo Switch / Game Disc

Nintendo Switch is something that I’ve been hinting my boyfriend to get me. It’s not just a gift for one, but we can share the game and kill some time when we travel or on a lazy weekend.

As for someone who already own a gaming station or loves playing games, you can get them a new game disc.

  • Board Games

I absolutely love board games; it never gets old! I enjoy playing the Snake and Ladder, Bingo, Uno, Scribble, Monopoly, etc. You could never go wrong by getting board games as a gift, not only it is suitable for all ages but it’s also a great opportunity for families to bond together and spend some quality time all year round!

  • Scrapbooks

This is also a very personal and sentimental gift. It could be a collection of photos from a trip, celebration, memories with the person you’re giving it to. And, you can just customize each page according to their personality and taste!

Perfume could be a little bit pricey but, it’s worth investing on for your loved ones or your parents (especially your mum)! You can get a unisex perfume for your parents, so they can share and have the same significant scent like their significant other. Get it? haha

  • Gift Cards

I don’t know about you but, my family tree is quite big and I honestly don’t know half of my cousins. This is a great gift to give during one of those huge family exchanging gift party that I’ll mostly likely join. You can get load of gift cards from so many different store now, so grab one!

But, if you know someone really well and you know that they would love to have one from their favorite store, it will be really great for stockings! You won’t have to worry what to get them, they can just pick anything that they want according to their likes.

  • Warm Slippers

I love wearing warm slippers inside my room. It keeps me cozy and snuggle in my own comfort zone. There are so many cute slippers right now such as unicorns, panda, some are even in my favorite cartoon character!

  • Books

This is for any bookworms out there that you know, you can get them a book that you know they will like (your recommends) or a book that they’ve been wanting to read or if you could, you can get them an original copy to their favorite classics. I always love receiving books as a gift, it’s like getting a piece of the person that gave you. Books are just as personal as music, it’s very special if they share it with you.

  • Coffee/ Tea Set

For those coffee and tea lovers out there that you know, get them some interesting flavors to try out! I used to make a little DIY for my dad since, he’s a huge fan of coffee. I got him a mason jar cup (with a handle), then packed it with all his favorite coffee flavors inside along with little packets of coffee cream and sugar. As for tea drinkers, you can get them a cute statement mug with some tea and biscuits or you can go all out and get them a legit teapot set.

  • Candle / Diffusers

Everybody love a good smelling candle for a cozy winter day, at least I know I do. Pick a few ones out and put it in a cute little basket with some ribbons! You can also pick out a candle or two for each season, that would also be great. Then, you know you’ve got them cover all year round.

  • Shower/Bath Essentials

Bath bombs, bath salts, bumble bar, shower gel, soap, the list could go on and on. As I’m listing it down in my head, I’m already thinking about those Bath & Body Works and Lush products. You can get loads from there, either the limited seasonal edition or you can get something for every other season as well. Again, you can easily put it in a small basket with some ribbon and maybe a card.

  • Adorable USB

For your tech nerds in your life, you can get them cute design USB. So, you know you’ll got their back if they’re running out of space. It is also a great stocking stuffers!

Those are all of my gift ideas for this holiday! I hope you enjoy these kind of post. I’m both, very excited for the holiday and also for my big moving day that’s coming up.

Most importantly, don’t forget to cherish your moments during the special holidays with your love ones.

Photography by Viktor Hanacek with a 500mm lens

Photography by Viktor Hanacek

Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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