Guide To Be More Productive


I’m a college student as well as a part-time blogger; there’s a lot more things to do than I expected. You might already know this, if you’re once a student. It’s kind of a test with your time management skills. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to become a full-time blogger and continue on to do more creative things in this field.

I’m a big procrastinator, not going to lie; but there are certain things that I can’t avoid forever. I’ll have to face it, just sooner or later. So, while I’m managing my study schedules as well as posting regularly on my blog. I’ve learned a couple of things that will help me stay productive and get things done in time.

1- Plan a head

Keep all your deadlines, schedules and everything noted in one place. You could write it down in your planner or keep a reminder in your phone. Be sure you know what you’ll have to deal with in this week, whether it’s for school or work. Then, arrange your day accordingly by knowing what should be done first and what can wait until tomorrow. Keep everything plan and listed, check it off as you go.

2- It’s never too early

It’s never too early to start your work; I wrote a head most of my post saved in my laptop ready to be publish, so I won’t miss the date that I want it up on my site. Unless, I have something exciting to share then, I will work on it immediately once, I have time. Same goes for your assignments or tasks, once you’ve received your work; start it immediately! Trust me, you’ll never have to deal with time crunch and get stressed out with all the deadlines. Cause, you’re a head of time.

3-Be organize

I become very messy when I’m working, especially when I’m shooting photographs for my blog. Nevertheless, I’ll have to de-clutter everything around my work area, sometimes, it could even mean cleaning out the whole room to make me feel ready to start. I just like everything to be nice and organize before I start zoning into my own world. Plus, it’s also pretty rewarding when you finish your work and you find yourself in a clean space.

As a little tip, it’s always better to put away things right after you finish something, then waiting for when you’re ‘free’. It will only takes an extra minute or two to put away the book you’ve finish reading, or the pencil that you’ve used. Don’t wait until you’ve got your room all messed up before cleaning.

4-Take a break

Although, this might lead to procrastination, it is great to take a break after 20-30 minutes of work. Instead, of going on Instagram or Pinterest (my weakness). Stand up, give yourself a good stretch, maybe get some water or snacks, walk around a little bit before coming back. Especially for me, I will always work on my computer for my assignments, editing the photos, writing a post, so this is the opportunity for me to give my eyes some rest before I continue. I’m actually really bad at taking a break, unless I get one thing done. And, sometimes I could be sitting in one place for hours!! Like right now, as I’m writing this. This is something I need to work on from now.

5- Reward yourself

Like I mentioned, if you keep track with your work early, you’ll get it done on time or even earlier. Instead, of spending excessive amount of time going out, watching your TV series, etc. Save it for when you finished your work, then reward yourself. I like to reward myself by going out for a walk or for a drive. Because, I spend a lot of time indoor writing and editing. So, to reward myself I choose to go spend time outdoor. It’s always a refreshing feeling when you get everything finish and go enjoy yourself with your friends or love ones. It’s a care-free moment, until you get another assignment to finish. Then, repeat the process.


I hope this helps some of you guys, let me know what is your usual day like, whether you’re working or still in school. Leave them in the comments down below.


Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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