Room Snaps 2017

I’ve moved into this room for almost a year now, we’ve moved a little further out from the city. It’s a first official move away from my childhood home that I grew up in over the past decades, which I’m still sad about. The house was a bit old and have kind of an old fashion vintage interior as well, and my family wanted to upgrade into a sleek modern house. I still dreams that I live in that house until today, which is weird since, we’ve been here for long enough. Since, some of you may know if you’ve read a couple of my previous post, I will be moving away from my parents soon, hence the fact that I’m officially eighteen for the past weeks or so now. And, I’m so excited to get my own living space, a driving license, legal to drink in some country and legal to vote. This just makes me feel like a real grown up now, even though I try to deny that and still want to lives with my parents. I’ve been planning to get an apartment or maybe a student apartment when I move, which means I will get to decorate a fresh new interior which, I’m super excited about. My Pinterest board is over flowing with home decors right now, and I’ve got a lot of ideas going on.

But, anyways I thought since I’m going to move out soon, I just might as well gives you a little snippets into my room that I spent months decorating. This room was designed by a local interior company called Full House I believe, they were such a huge help with all the furniture ideas and wallpaper colors and all that. Which means all the furniture in my room are specially made for this particular room with all the special measurements. Sadly, if we’re going to move again we can’t take them with us, because it won’t fit. That’s probably the cons of getting all the furniture designed.

So, these are just some snippets of my room. I did DIY- ed some of these things to just add a little touch to my room. By the way, I’m thinking of vlogging as soon as I move, because I will get the whole space to myself. I’m not sure yet, but I would like to documents big changes in my life. I won’t be doing daily vlogging that’s for sure because, I won’t be doing anything very entertaining everyday and also, I don’t want to have that pressure on me where I’ll have to doing something fun or I must upload something. I’ll just want it to go with the flow, it will be more like memorable videos that I can look back to in the future. I’ll be vlogging if I’m going out, traveling or if any changes is going on and you know fun things like that. So, be on the look out for that! Follow me on my social media platforms, (@kimstacey_) so, you’ll be the first one to know when I upload.

This is where I put some of my books, DVD, ticket from trips on display

This is my workspace

It’s not my room without a huge open windows. Bonus: Balcony

This is Potato, my boyfriend got this for me from his trip because I love dogs but, I can’t have one. He’s incredibly soft and I cuddle with him all night

I hope this will inspire you if you’re moving or you want to spice up your room for a different decor/vibes.

Lots of Love,

Kim Stacey

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